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Why should I go permeable?

Install Ecoraster®
How to install Ecoraster®
May 2, 2019
Recent Enforcement and Prevention of Storm Water Runoff for City Governments, Architects and Engineers
July 16, 2019
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Why should I go permeable?

Go Permeable

There are many benefits to choosing a permeable surface over the more traditional non-permeable, asphalt or concrete.

Many of these benefits are environmental, but they are also sustainable in the pocketbook. When looking at long term costs, Ecoraster will beat traditional asphalt and concrete

Mimic the Natural Water Hydrology

Replenish Ground Water Table

Prevent Runoff Contamination

Filter Hydrocarbons out of the Environment

Minimize Flooding

Reduce Storm Water

Maintenance Free

No Cracking, Rutting, or Seperation

Cost Effective


Go Permeable!

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