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Using Ecoraster to create a DG pathway

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April 26, 2019
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May 2, 2019
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Using Ecoraster to create a DG pathway

Completed Ecoraster pathway

Ecoraster is perfect for creating pathways, bike paths, and trails.  The aggregate is contained within the cells, and prevents material loss due to migration.  This allows for a virtually maintenance free permeable pathway that will be enjoyed for many years!

Pathway installations need minimal to no base at all because of the low weight loads.  In the Decomposed Granite (DG) pathway below we did a 2” base of aggregate and then placed the Ecoraster E30 on top and filled it in with DG.

The pathway was created to allow for employees to take a break and have lunch on the lawn without having to walk on dirt and mud.  Total installation took a day and was completed by one person.

Take a look at the photos below to see how Ecoraster E30 was used to create a neat looking DG pathway!

Below is the muddy pathway before any work has been done


The pathway was then cut down by about 3” – 4”


The aggregate (1/2” stone) was added to create better drainage and as a leveling course


Next Ecoraster E30 was placed on top in a single row


Finally Decomposed Granite (DG) was placed on top of the Ecoraster and spread out


The entire project took 4 hours for 1 person to complete 

2.5 hours of digging and cutting roots

45 min for laying the rock down and leveling

20 min to break apart the Ecoraster and lay it on top

30 min to place the DG on top and level

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