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Recent Enforcement and Prevention of Storm Water Runoff for City Governments, Architects and Engineers

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May 17, 2019
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Recent Enforcement and Prevention of Storm Water Runoff for City Governments, Architects and Engineers

Stormwater runoff is becoming a challenge for cities, architects and engineers. The Federal and State governments have implemented measures to limit stormwater runoff. Stormwater runoff is seen as the single largest pollutant of our natural waterways. During a rain event, all the impervious urban surfaces funnel storm water into city drains and directly out into oceans and rivers untreated. Cities and municipalities are trying to prevent as much runoff as possible from entering storm drains.

Cities use BMP’s (Best Management Practice) to regulate and control stormwater runoff. Stormwater BMP’s are sometimes viewed as costly investments, but one of the most effective BMP’s doesn’t have to cost more. Permeable geo-grids are a cost effective and efficient alternative to asphalt and/or concrete. Geo-grids have small cells that contain the aggregate or sand from lateral migration, preventing ruts. The grid also displaces the weight over a larger area minimizing the compaction of soil beneath it. The surface is drivable and ADA compliant. The cost is comparable to asphalt, and less than pavers or concrete.

Our product, Ecoraster is the strongest geo-grid on the market. There are different size models for varying traffic uses. Ecoraster has many other uses: It can be used as a base for pavers, allowing for a significantly reduced base, while preventing vertical migration of the pavers. (Block pavers are typically installed over a hard sand base. This base can shift and move with time, causing some of the blocks to cave in or pop up. Using Ecoraster E-30 in the base prevents any movement of blocks by creating a reinforced level foundation)

Its also used in Equestrian applications by increasing the drainage and preventing mud. Erosion control is another use of Ecoraster. The Ecoraster is placed on slopes preventing the fast movement of water and wind across the surface.

The Company

Ecoraster is produced by Purus Plastics, GmbH in Arzberg Germany. (Started producing Ecoraster in 1994)
It is distributed in North America by Purus North America located in Toronto, Canada
California Green Paving is the distributor of Purus Plastics products in California

We currently stock 4 different models of Ecoraster:

E50 - Strongest model used in commercial applications (Fire access Lanes)
E40 - Economy model used in almost any applicaiton
E30 - Used as a base reinforcement for roads/pavers or for DG (Decomposed Granite) paths
BLOXX - A georgid with 4 square voids per grid that are filled with 4 rubber or concrete blocks, creating a truly permeable pavement with none of the maintenance of other permeable paving competitors (Other permeable paving options rely on the fill between the blocks for the water to flow through. Over time these narrow “openings” become clogged and loose their porosity. BMP’s call for routine vacuuming and pressure washing to try prevent the clogging, but isn’t very effective after a few years)

Competitive Advantages

Made from LDPE, (all competitors are made from HDPE) which is better for driving applications. (HDPE tends to chip and break from pressure of turning tires)
No screws or bolts needed for installation
Made from 100% recycled plastic bags
Manufactured in a closed loop recycling and production facility to maintain higher standards and uniformity.
20 year manufacturers warranty (longest in the industry)
Purus Plastics has been producing Ecoraster since 1994
U-shaped connectors create a secure connection and snap together easily minimizing installation time
Helps attain LEED Credits (Site Development, maximize open space. Stormwater Design, quantity control. Stormwater Design, quality control. Heat Island Effect. Recycled Content)

Target Audience

Landscape Architect Civil Engineer City Officials Commercial Developers (Shopping Malls, Residential Housing, Offices, Warehouse) Key Words LID - Low Impact Development (Development standards based on the principle of minimizing disturbance to in situ soil and water) NPDES - National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (The EPA issues permits to city governments for storm water discharges, NPDES regulates these requirements) Geogrid - A flat plastic mesh netting used to add structural support to soils. (Ecoraster is the same concept, but instead of flat has walls raining in height from 1.2’’ - 2.0’') Permeable Pavers - Typically this term refers to concrete paving blocks, but is interchangeable with Ecoraster geo-grids Cellular Confinement - Technically, this is the most appropriate term to describe Ecoraster, but is unknown and never used Permeable - Ecoraster is 90-95% permeable Porous Ecogrid - Same product as Ecoraster with a different trademarked name (More notable in the U.K. but has a presence in U.S.A.) Stormwater Erosion Control

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