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Ecoraster S50 – Super Elastic

Landscaping [hard-scaping and soft-scaping] – and Gardening:
Automobile parking lots and stalls, driveways, vehicular or pedestrian paths, hillside fortifications against erosion, Public and private parks and recreation
Equestrian and Agricultural:
conversion of outdoor or indoor areas into riding arenas, outdoor or indoor permanent or temporary riding arenas, round pens, paddocks and grazing land supply areas, and so forth.

Tested by TÜV and certified to comply with:
DIN 1072 – roads and foot bridges – vehicle point axle loading up to 20 metric tons / axle, or 700,000 kg/m² [i.e. 22.35 US Tons / axle, ca. 70,000 pounds/square foot]
DIN EN ISO 124/B125 – meets all requirements for automobile parking areas.
DIN 38412 – environmental neutrality – Production is actively monitored

Ideal For: Gardening and landscaping, Town and village squares, Parks, Parking areas, Emergency access routes, Traffic islands, Golf, Camping, Aviation, Temporary surfaces, Shooting ranges

Technical Specifications

Dimensions:13 in x 13 in x 2 in
Wall thickness:0.1 in
Carrying load:Up to 120 t per sq m (unfilled)
Weight per sq m:6.84 kg (unfilled)
Weight per unit:0.76 kg
Wall height:2 in
Material:100% recycled PE (polyethylene)
Pressure resistance:Up to 20 t axle load in acc. with DIN 1072
Dimensional stability:Temperature range -50° to +90°
Deformation:0.5% (at normal temperatures +20 to +80 degrees)
Moisture absorption:0.01 %
Environmental compatibility:Environmentally neutral in acc. with DIN 38412
Solubility:Resistant to acids, alkalis, alcohols, oil and petrol (de-icing salt, ammonia, acid rain, etc.)