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Ecoraster Bloxx

Ecoraster Bloxx are perfect for parking areas, driveways, and patios, Town and village squares, Parks, Footpaths and cycle lanes, Emergency access routes, Soft shoulders, Traffic islands, Roundabouts, Entrances and exits, Railway and tramway construction, Rainwater retention, Storage areas and landfills, Logistics surfaces, Loading areas, Shooting ranges,

Provides a DIY permeable paving solution.  Each plastic grid is laid down and snapped in with interlocking connectors. Concrete pavers are then placed within the plastic cells to create a clean, professional appearance.

Water flows through the inlets, between the pavers and adjacent grids.

Drainage canals are designed to prevent clogging.

No need for vacuuming

Fits seamlessly in ECORASTER® E50 for a combination of grass/gravel combination

Technical Specifications

Product Dimensions: 13” x 13” x 1.97” (1.19 sq/ft)
Plastic Thickness: .2”
Material: LDPE (80% post consumer, 20% post industrial recycled plastic)
Weight: 4.67 lbs (piece, excluding concrete pavers)
Concrete Paver Weight: 4.67 lbs each)