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Ecoraster® E-50

<strong>Ecoraster® E-50</strong>
Choose Ecoraster® E-50 for all your commercial and heavy duty applications

Ecoraster® E-40

<strong>Ecoraster® E-40</strong>
Choose Ecoraster® E-40 for all your residential and medium load applications

Ecoraster® E-30

<strong>Ecoraster® E-30</strong>
Choose Ecoraster® E-30 for soil stabilization & light traffic applications

Ecoraster® Bloxx

<strong>Ecoraster® Bloxx</strong>
Choose Ecoraster® Bloxx for all your permeable paving applications
Product SpecsEcoraster® E-50 Ecoraster® E-40 Ecoraster® E-30 Ecoraster® Bloxx
Dimensions (L x W x H)13'' x 13'' x 2''13'' x 13'' x 1.6''13'' x 13'' x 1.2''13'' x 13'' x 1.97''
Wall Thickness (in)0.2''0.14''0.17''n/a
Carrying Load per sq/ft (unfilled)32.5 tons11.15 tons23.22 tons30 tons
Weight per sq/ft1.95 lbs1.06 lbs1.03 lbs3.92 lbs
Weight per unit2.33 lbs1.39 lbs1.32 lbs4.67 lbs
Wall height (in)2.0''1.6''1.2''1.97''

4 Simple Steps

Prepare base & add (optional) geo-textile layer1

Prepare base & add (optional) geo-textile layer

Fill with aggregate2

Fill with aggregate

Connect Ecoraster Grids3

Connect Ecoraster Grids

Fill with desired aggregate 4

Fill with desired aggregate

Environmental Impact

Based on 14.31 sq/ft of Ecoraster

Plastic Bags


prevented from land fill



prevented from atmosphere