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Whether the application is temporary or more permanent, at CGP we have the solution. The World leading Ecoraster range is unique in it’s laying is both swift and simple, as is taking the product up after an event (with specialist instruction). The Ecoraster sections can be then put in to storage ready for re-laying the next time. Sections of grids can easily be assembled and disassembled in a variety of sizes, 4 tiles, 1 square meter, 5 square meters or multiples thereof.

Some of the biggest problems facing campgrounds is soil compaction, mud and erosion through heavy use. Ecoraster is signicant in being able to decrease the impact of traffic (foot and vehicular) on grass and other natural permeable surfaces. The grid system reinforces the ground acting like as “snowshoe”, thus reducing soil compaction, improving water drainage and as a result preventing mud and erosion. Ecoraster enables sustainable grassed camp sites. By maintaining a nonCompacted area for grass to grow in, campground owners can ensure good grass coverage while maintaining a permeable surface area. The
grid protects the roots of the grass and growth areas of the grass plant while providing a stable surface. After correct installation, Ecoraster is virtually maintenance free. Therefore ongoing campground costs are also decreased.

If a really temporary roadway is required, no problem, we have a special joining piece known as a ‘Trickrast’ joint which stops the grids from locking together and allows easier assembly. We also have a unique grid section that allows the Ecoraster to be set in a continous need for cutting.

Ecoraster…On firm ground.