How to Install Ecoraster® Permeable Ground Reinforcement Geogrid

How to install Ecoraster®

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Using Ecoraster to create a DG pathway
April 27, 2019
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May 17, 2019
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How to install Ecoraster®

Install Ecoraster®

How to Install Ecoraster®

A simple DIY Installation
  • Dig up ground

    Create a level sub base for placing the aggregate. The sub-base should be compacted and level with a slope of 1 - 1.5%
  • Add Geotextile Layer

    Place a geotextile layer between the sub base and the base to prevent aggregate migration into soil. If the base is hard, a geotextile layer may not be necessary, but is recommended.
  • Fill with Aggregate

    Create a drainage layer by filling the sub base with a base of your choosing (1/2'' - 1'' clear cut aggregate is recommended) Any size aggregate will work
  • Install Ecoraster®

    Starting in the corner, place the Ecoraster® grids together and step on the connectors to lock in place. If cutting is required, place the Ecoraster® down, before making cuts
  • Fill Ecoraster®

    Fill the Ecoraster® cells with your choice of decorative rock, decomposed granite, or any other aggregate that will fit into the cells. (The smaller the aggregate size, the neater the finished look will be

Installation Time

How long does it take to Install Ecoraster®? (based on small DIY installation with 1 person)

Ground Prep


Aggregate Fill


Ecoraster® Installation


Fill Ecoraster®

1 hour

Area was dug by hand, and needed to first remove existing turf and cut through roots

20 Minutes

Most time is spent carrying bags to site, and opening them up

10 Minutes

This area only required 30 Ecoraster® grids which snapped together quickly

15 Minutes

Most of the time was spent carrying bags to site, and leveling off with 48'' lute

Calculate Aggregate Amount for Ecoraster®

Divide number by 27 to get cubic yards

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